How to maintain a healthy brand

The unofficial theme of 2020 is resilience. Current events are testing organizations, calling on brands to push past business as usual, adapt, and behave in ways they never thought possible. Everything is in flux and it might be causing you to question your organization’s core identity and ask “who are we now?” Just like a […]

Federation leaders of top non-profits share insights & challenges – Part 2

Earlier this year, we hosted a Federation Leaders’ Knowledge Exchange. It was a great night of valuable conversations and insights from key leaders of federated non-profits (these are non-profits with national, provincial and/or local offices, each operating as separate legal entities but most commonly under one brand/banner). Leading up to the event, we asked each […]

How to inspire fiercely loyal brand love

Have you ever wondered why some brands inspire a fiercely loyal following, while others fight tooth and nail to make a splash? Let’s talk about brand love. Perfectly illustrated (pardon the pun) here. “This person must really love tacos,” I thought as I examined the permanent homage. But what’s even more shocking is how much […]