How to build a purpose-driven partnership strategy

Strong partnerships, the kind that persevere and flourish have one thing in common: they’re purpose-aligned. I recently spoke at The Partnership Conference which brings together companies and causes to rethink partnerships. My session was all about creating mutually beneficial, lasting partnerships between nonprofits and for-profits (such as sponsorship, community investment, and cause marketing programs). I […]

5 tech essentials that every non-profit needs

Once upon a time, the good folks at non-profits relied heavily on grassroots marketing tactics like going door-to-door, organizing community rallies, raising their voice through megaphones and touring neighbourhoods with flyers and posters to garner support for a cause. Luckily, times have changed and while meeting people face-to-face is still arguably the best way to […]

How to write more compelling impact stories

Fundraising is about connecting people to a mission and making them part of it. This starts with a story someone get behind. When people know how your cause, foundation, or charity is making a positive impact, they’re more likely to want to fund more positivity. Sharing your successes in a captivating way can be a […]