Pairing business and impact consulting with brand strategy and creative services.

Our unique service offering brings together business and impact consulting with brand strategy and creative services to elevate your organization’s results and impact.

We design bespoke teams of specialized experts and our senior, seasoned consultants have decades of experience leading projects to proven success. We tackle problems that traditional agencies aren’t equipped to and are adept at establishing key priorities to shape practical and meaningful solutions for impact.

  • Business
    • • Strategic planning
    • • Mission, vision, values
    • • Organizational design
    • • Partnerships
    • • Product and services design
    • • Change management
  • Brand
    • • Research and insights
    • • Brand audits
    • • Brand strategy
    • • Brand identity
    • • Campaigns and awareness
    • • Creative services
    • • Communications
  • Impact
    • • Impact strategy
    • • Purpose statements
    • • Program design
    • • Partnership strategy
    • • Theory of change models
    • • Impact measurement
    • • Impact reporting
    • • Enlightened Brands™ Framework


Through our collective of more than fifty industry-leading and award winning professionals, we bring together diverse business experts, brand strategists, researchers, creatives, writers, producers, media planners, digital experts, data scientists and more. We hand-pick service delivery teams tailored to each client’s unique project requirements.
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  • "Ramp has provided the visual branding for all our special events and special giving societies. The design work at Ramp is absolutely beautiful and head and shoulders above any other firm I’ve worked with. I highly recommend Ramp Communications for the quality of their strategic advice and planning, the top-notch project management, spectacular design and, as well for how much of a pleasure it is to work with them."

    - Kerry Kincaid

    Director of Communications, West Park Foundation

    01 of 09

  • "The bold, striking ‘Internshi*s’ campaign conceptualized by Ramp's creative team did for Career Edge something that's been increasingly difficult to do in this generation – capture the attention of our youth. Their campaign delivered a surge of student applications to our internship program by brilliantly distinguishing us from the crowd of competing brands fighting for our youth's attention."

    - Tabatha McIntyre

    VP Marketing & Partnerships, Career Edge

    02 of 09

  • “Not once has the team at Ramp let us down. From expert counsel to beautiful design work on capital campaign assets to the creation of a new website to visual branding for all our special events, they have been an invaluable partner. I highly recommend Ramp for their strategic approach, top-notch project management, spectacular design—and above all, what a pleasure they are to work with.”

    - Kerry Kincaid

    Director of Communications, West Park Foundation

    03 of 09

  • "We loved working with the whole Ramp team, from strategy to execution, and appreciated the genuine excitement that you showed for the project. The process of generating ideas and settling on a creative concept helped to ensure that the needs of our membership were reflected in the final product, and it was an energizing, positive experience for us. We loved the campaign and hope to build on it in the future. Your guidance throughout was strategic, thoughtful, and generous."

    – Laura Rock Gaughan

    Executive Director, Literary Press Group

    04 of 09

  • "Working with Ramp was a wonderful experience. Communities Create was such a unique project, which required a rapid response and new approach to production and audience engagement. They were up for the challenge, and also, professional, easy and fun to work with every step of the project, helping to creatively shape the initiative into the really special series it became."

    – Ramona Pringle

    Director at Creative Innovation Studio, Associate Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University

    05 of 09

  • "I think the work you’ve done on this brand project is outstanding and I could listen to you talk about it for hours. It’s so clear that you have a wealth of experience doing this. I love the new name too!"

    – Aimee Bruner

    Director, Special Projects, Campfire Circle

    06 of 09

  • "You wowed us with your pitch and then over-delivered every step of the way. It was so thought-provoking and fun to work with you. You moved ESG from communications strategy, to a new logo, to a creative platform, to a campaign in-market... and then welcomed everyone to a revamped website. You were a highlight of 2020."

    – Lisa Elder

    Client Project Lead, ESG United Church

    07 of 09

  • "What’s remarkable is that we were able to create what we see today in only 4 short months. From researching the needs of Canadians, to rethinking our brand proposition and positioning, to how we go-to-market, to building an incredible mobile-first web experience — the truth is, we rebuilt everything from the ground up, putting the success of our Clients first. I’d like to thank you for your tireless effort, your incredible creativity, and your passion."

    – Terry Yakimchick

    VP, Marketing, Farber Debt Solutions

    08 of 09

  • "It’s been a real pleasure working with the RAMP team. It was a fascinating process and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Thank you for sharing your expertise and insights throughout."

    – Elizabeth Sharpe

    Communications Director, World Animal Protection

    09 of 09


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