Alzheimer’s awareness month: stigma and the need for understanding

Perhaps it’s fear. Perhaps it’s ignorance. Perhaps it’s a bit of both that causes many people to offer up a half-hearted joke about forgetfulness when I tell them about our campaign for the Alzheimer Society of Canada. The campaign is live now, throughout January, which is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. The jokes are a predictable but […]

Benefits of retaining a like-minded agency

When brand and agency agree on the big stuff, good things happen. Your agency speaks for you in the battle between a potential customer’s head, heart and wallet — and today’s customers want you speaking from the heart.  A like-minded agency has a better chance of speaking from your heart. This is one benefit choosing […]

How to write more compelling impact stories

Fundraising is about connecting people to a mission and making them part of it. This starts with a story someone get behind. When people know how your cause, foundation, or charity is making a positive impact, they’re more likely to want to fund more positivity. Sharing your successes in a captivating way can be a […]

B Corp certification: Achieved

In October of 2016 Ramp joined an exclusive group of companies from around the world  Ramp joins Patagonia,BDC,Etsy, Warby Parker,and bullfrog Power (among others),as a Certified B Corporation. We now have a voice among a collective of determined organizations that use the power of business to solve social and environmental challenges.

How to engage employees in your CSR activities

When your people buy into your mission you can do so much more. As corporate social responsibility (CSR) becomes more integral to an organization’s way of doing business, it’s more critical that employees are engaged in the process. Otherwise, CSR initiatives run the risk of being seen as lip service, and that’s not a good […]