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Certified B Corporations @GladstoneHotel and @RampAgencyTO launch an inspiring bi-weekly blog series #TorontoTheGood.

Jennifer Paukman

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March 13, 2019

Certified B Corporations @GladstoneHotel and @RampAgencyTO launch an inspiring bi-weekly blog series, Toronto The Good. The series sparks thoughtful conversations through interviews with influencers, social entrepreneurs, and innovators who are shining a light on the city’s toughest issues and championing change to make Toronto, and the world a better place.

At Ramp, we believe meaningful change is possible.

It doesn’t happen in an instant, but rather through gradual actions that build momentum towards creating the society we all want to see. Every single day, we have the power to purposefully choose how we work, how we live, what we buy, and how we interact with one another. It’s why we became a Certified B Corporation and joined over 2600 companies around the world that are using business as a force for good. Together we form a movement that makes a collective impact to solve our generation’s social and environmental challenges (and we’re audited to prove it).

It’s B Corp month and to celebrate, we’ve partnered with the fellow B Corp, The Gladstone Hotel.

Every two weeks, The Gladstone x Ramp will bring you Toronto The Good. On our blog, we’ll share thoughtful conversations and meaningful stories about important issues and we’ll shine a light on the people who are making Toronto more inclusive, creative, innovative, accessible, and good because the city needs more good stories.

Real stories about real people who are working tirelessly to advocate for and create lasting change..

We’ll hear from Kavita Dogra, a local feminist, social justice activist, founder of We Talk Women and co-chair of the committee that founded #WomensMarchTO; Jeremy Vandermeij, an advocate for design with purpose and the co-founder/executive director of DesignTO; Al Ramsay TD’s National Manager for LGBTQ2+ business development; Luke Anderson, a champion for accessibility and the founder/executive director of The StopGap Foundation; Dave Bidini, musician, author, editor-in-chief and president of the West End Phoenix; Kiana ‘Rookz’ Eastmond founder of Sandbox Studios and the executive director of Manifesto Festival, and more.

Meaningful change starts with the unifying idea that we can and should do better. What you do with that idea is up to you.

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