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Two Million Impressions and 11K+ Website Visits in 2 Weeks

The “perfect” audience is a rare thing in our business, but we got one for this assignment.

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May 3, 2022

The Toronto Humane Society (THS) asked us to help them re-engage pet owners and rekindle a passion for the organization, rooted in a shared love of animals and their well-being.

Through our research, we learned that the perception of the THS among pet owners had steadily devolved into “a place to abandon or adopt animals.” That made sense because (a) that is by far their most well-known service and (b) awareness of their other services for people who have and want their pets was low.

We needed to tell the other side of the work THS does, and what makes them unique as a resource for animals, animal owners and animal lovers from all walks of life. We also needed to share THS’s  larger vision and broadening range of services, advocacy and education to communities.

Because it’s a happy story, we ditched the traditional “sad puppy plea” thinking for a more positive approach. We focused on the incredible, unique human-animal bond that forms between every pet and their pet-parent/pet-family — the kind of love that only pet owners understand and the kind of love THS’s work actively creates and promotes.

Other organizations in the category weren’t tapping into the importance of that bond — and that was our opportunity.

• The new tagline can stand alone as a statement. It can also act to reinforce the feels (love like no other) or the features (veterinary care like no other).

• The new logo is bolder and more simplified to let the new tagline shine.

• The new imagery and copy communicate the animal-human bond and connects it to THS.

As marketing professionals, we were proud of the results we generated. As pet owners ourselves, we were ecstatic. 


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