Reflection and change

June 2020.  This month marks the beginning of our tenth year in business at Ramp.  It is also the month we recognize both Juneteenth and National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada.  Sadly, this June is really like no other in recent memory. The deeply upsetting events that have unfolded over the past month remind us […]

Social purpose organizations, a massive $50 million fund has your name on it

There’s a new social finance program in town and we’re giving it three big cheers. Employment and Social Development Canada’s Investment Readiness Fund is a two-year pilot program with $50 million committed to social innovation and social purpose organizations that are using community-led solutions to solve our country’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. Social […]

Toronto The Good with Dave Bidini (West End Phoenix)

Certified B Corporations @GladstoneHotel and @RampAgencyTO launch an inspiring bi-weekly blog series #TorontoTheGood. The series sparks thoughtful conversations through interviews with influencers, social entrepreneurs, and innovators who are shining a light on the city’s toughest issues and championing change to make Toronto, and the world a better place. Dave Bidini is a musician and author. […]

Alzheimer’s awareness month: stigma and the need for understanding

Perhaps it’s fear. Perhaps it’s ignorance. Perhaps it’s a bit of both that causes many people to offer up a half-hearted joke about forgetfulness when I tell them about our campaign for the Alzheimer Society of Canada. The campaign is live now, throughout January, which is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. The jokes are a predictable but […]

How to choose the right pro bono partnership

“Pro bono” comes from the Latin pro bono publico, which means “for the public good.” As leaders in the social profit sector, we’re always looking for ways to pitch in and give back, like we’ve been doing with Futurpreneur Canada as their entrepreneur coaching partner since 2017. Of course, while we’d rather be in the […]

Being a B Corp is the best!

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the B Corp summer social. While everyone in the room had a different story to tell, with roots in different industries, businesses, and backgrounds, we all shared one common purpose: The need to make the world a better place. Because that’s what happens when you become B […]