Anti-racism: doing it right

As part of our commitment to anti-racism, specifically anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism we’re doing the work to engage in analysis, education, and action. To remain accountable, we’ve set-up anti-racism working groups to focus on three key areas: naming and eliminating barriers preventing Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) from entering and progressing in the […]

Reflection and change

June 2020.  This month marks the beginning of our tenth year in business at Ramp.  It is also the month we recognize both Juneteenth and National Indigenous Peoples Day in Canada.  Sadly, this June is really like no other in recent memory. The deeply upsetting events that have unfolded over the past month remind us […]

Save the bees, please.

UPDATE: The Canadian government has just announced that it will phase out the use of bee-harming pesticides starting in 2021. We’re accustomed to happy endings. In books, movies, and t.v. shows. Most of us are optimistic that the day will be saved and everyone will live happily ever after. But what if there isn’t a happy ending […]

How to inspire fiercely loyal brand love

Have you ever wondered why some brands inspire a fiercely loyal following, while others fight tooth and nail to make a splash? Let’s talk about brand love. Perfectly illustrated (pardon the pun) here. “This person must really love tacos,” I thought as I examined the permanent homage. But what’s even more shocking is how much […]

Being a B Corp is the best!

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the B Corp summer social. While everyone in the room had a different story to tell, with roots in different industries, businesses, and backgrounds, we all shared one common purpose: The need to make the world a better place. Because that’s what happens when you become B […]