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The Three Truths


Build connections with customers and differentiate Farber Debt Solutions from the sea of sameness in the debt relief category.


In a category that traditionally addresses debt, but ignores the anxious emotional experience of its audience, we developed a powerful brand truth: Farber helps to restore people’s confidence and power when it comes to managing their money. Ramp repositioned Farber as inherently empathetic, collaborative, and passionate about sharing their knowledge. Their refreshed reason for being is to help customers get out of crisis to land in a position of empowerment. The accompanying campaign, The Three Truths, shares crucial truths about debt, delivered by approachable people against bold and unexpected colour palettes and with a non-judgemental tone. The results speak for themselves: In less than one year post-launch, website traffic increased by over 30% YOY and brand awareness grew by 4 points. Now, Canadians in debt crises can experience less anxiety because they believe they have a leading partner in their corner.




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"What’s remarkable is that we were able to create what we see today in only 4 short months. From researching the needs of Canadians, to rethinking our brand proposition and positioning, to how we go-to-market, to building an incredible mobile-first web experience — the truth is, we rebuilt everything from the ground up, putting the success of our Clients first. I’d like to thank you for your tireless effort, your incredible creativity, and your passion."

– Terry Yakimchick

VP, Marketing, Farber Debt Solutions


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