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Grow awareness about the quality and breadth of Canadian independent publishing and establish LPG as the voice of literary publishing in Canada. Help to reverse declining sales that resulted from rising production costs and reduced media budgets to make indie publishing the David to big publishing’s Goliath.


Research showed that the Canadian public’s desire to support local, community-based small businesses was increasing. A societal flashpoint around racial equity meant interest in diverse stories were rising, too. Ramp leaned into this ideal time for indie publishers to shine a light on the cultural value of Canadian literary work. Engaging an audience of power-buying readers, our #ReadUp campaign was born to help readers discover something different. The campaign focused on a range of unique experiences that books elicit, crafting arresting images of origami book pages to represent concepts like provocation and awakening. Each execution, predominantly digital, piqued curiosities by asking readers how the next indie book will inspire them. Paid off with the CTA “Read up,” our small $20k budget saw 3 million impressions and nearly 7000 ad clicks. The campaign continued into 2021 and was seen in independent book stores across Canada.


Communications Strategy


"We loved working with the whole Ramp team, from strategy to execution, and appreciated the genuine excitement that you showed for the project. The process of generating ideas and settling on a creative concept helped to ensure that the needs of our membership were reflected in the final product, and it was an energizing, positive experience for us. We loved the campaign and hope to build on it in the future. Your guidance throughout was strategic, thoughtful, and generous."

– Laura Rock Gaughan

Executive Director, Literary Press Group


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