Marissa Mastenbroek


Creative Director

I’m an awarded Art Director and Creative Director with 20+ years of agency experience. (Also officially as a writer in the last 8 years.) I’ve worked at some of Canada’s best agencies (BBDO, Cossette, Broken Heart Love Affair to name three). I’ve done work in all the categories including cancer (colorectal, breast and ovarian), cannabis, beauty (Dove, Olay), cars (Mercedes, Lexus and Toyota, where I first met Shelley), all kinds of acronyms (IBM, RBC, WWF, KFC), food and drink (Frito, Mars, PepsiCo, RobinHood, Kraft, beer and wine), Ontario tourism, and even museums (ROM, Textiles Museum).

I believe brave clients get the best work. I believe in making memorable, different, unexpected work that is truly ownable (and not confused with any other similar brand). I believe we can make more people care about Diabetes with some supersmart thinking. I believe that our competition is not just other charities, but all the distractions of the world we now live in: hamsters on wheels, politics, cake fails, baby gender reveals, etc. I believe we can do work that people will actually remember, care about and even seek out and share rather than just endure because it was a forced play video in front of the content they were seeking out on Youtube. I also strongly believe in being kind to the people and mean to the work – mean because work has no feelings. Mean so that we weed out the generic and move forward with only the best idea to put out into the world. The bravest idea that will move hearts, move money out of wallets and move Diabetes into the fronts of minds.

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